Anonymous asked:

Do you read Frozen fanfics?

mitsouparker answered:

Yes! … (a lot xD? a lot kristanna for sure but not only) but it’s not even that much compared to other readers I believe ^-^’ The one which I like veeery much is ‘Inevitable’ by Raven’s Wing which inspired me to one of my fanarts (no not going to tell which but you may guess haha)

Thanks to minnothebunny I always get the latest news about what’s hot in the fanfic universe ♥

But anon, what are your favourite fanfics atm? I really want to know :D

Any… recommendations? ♥






What is this?

I know which one ;)

Considering holding chapter 14 ransom.

Gahhhhh ok ok! Ask her I’m sure she’ll tell you!

I am not serious. I am not that kind of person. Just - my mind is blown.

→… here… 'That was why he stepped forward, took her face in his hands, and pressed his mouth to hers. She stiffened at first, sucking in air through her nose and backbone going rigid, but he held her against him.' Inevitable chapter 1 

don’t hate me … please… continue!

Anonymous asked:

can you do a colouring tutorial pls? your art is amazing and Im desperate to know how to colour like you ;(

Oh thank you!… well… I don’t know if anybody would want that… >///<

If you would like to see a tutorial, just send me 'tut plz' in my inbox, so I know how many of you are actually interested ^^

hantinofontana asked:

your art is so pretty ♥ how long have you been drawing? :3

Thank you so much!♥ :’)
I am drawing since I could hold a pencil haha
My fascination for manga/anime/cartoons came when I was about 12 years old. I draw digital with my wacom bamboo fun for 4 years now :)
When I began my studies at university in 2011 I didn’t really have the time for it anymore…
But thanks to ‘frozen’ I couldn’t deny that it was missing in my life & since I saw the movie in march I draw almost everyday!

metalheart219 asked:

Hi! I just found your blog and I'm super in love! Also, I was wondering what program you use because the colors are real beautiful and I've been looking into trying to gets a good program I can work with.

Oh Hi! Thank you! ♡♡♡

I am using Paint Tool SAI. For digital painting, I prefer it over Photoshop, because it is super easy and has quick options all near visible- no complicate functions but all you need to get your art done. :) But I won’t lie, I have to use PS for the finishing touches, for complex effects, special brushes, text layers, and special lighting for example.

If you have more detailed questions, just ask. I would be happy to share my experiences with SAI :D